Mysore program
Monday to Friday- 6:30 am – 9:30 am.
More classes: Monday and wednesday – 12pm to 2pm / Tuesday and thursday- 6pm to 8pm.


Place: Dany Sa Ashtanga Yoga Shala – Leblon- Rio de Janeiro- Brazil

More information about classes and prices:


March 17th to 19th- Sao Jose do Rio Preto- SP- Brazil


April 6th to 9th- Poznan- Poland

More information:

April 18th to 23th- Ekateringburg – Russia

More information:

April 24th to 29th- Salento- Italy

More information:

May 02nd to 07th- Coimbra- Portugal

More information: Lara Lima-


May 27th e 28th - Paraty Yoga Festival


Jun 2nd to 4th- Campo Grande- MS- Brazil - Shanti Yoga Studio

More information:

Aug 5th- Florianopolis- SC- Brazil- Ashtanga Yoga Floripa

More information:

Aug 6th to 12th- Montanha Encantada – Garopaba- SC- Brazi

More information:

Aug 17 to 19th – Fortaleza- CE - Brazil- Ashtanga Yoga Fortaleza

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Sep 09 -10th – Shanghai- China

More information:

Sep 12th -17th – Chengdu - China

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Oct 14th and 15th- Peru Yoga Festival

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Oct 26th to 29th – Natal – RN - Brazil

More information: Paola-

Nov 17h to 19th – Buenos Aires- Argentina

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